Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Re-defeat Communism 2008!

Everyone needs one of these these shirts:


President pardons eight drug dealers?

After I heard about this from Grassfire, I sent the following e-mail to the President:

Mr. President,

I understand that you recently pardoned eight drug dealers. That alone
is quite questionable. But at the same time you did not pardon Ramos
and Compean? How exactly does this make sense?

As you know, Ramos and Compean were convicted by the over zealous US
Attorney, Johnny Sutton based on the testimony of Osbaldo
Aldrete-Davila. Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila is drug smuggler that has used
Johnny Sutton's immunity to smuggle drug into our country on multiple

Mr. President, please do the right thing by doing the following:
* Pardon Ramos and Compean.
* Call for the recall of Sutton.
* See to the prosecution of Aldrete-Davila.

Anything less and you are giving aid to the enemy!



The real cause of liberal thinking...

I saw this today in the comments of Ann Coulter's post, Joe McCarthy Invented the Internet. It's too good not to share:

"Bet you didn't know the real cause of liberal thinking is giving up on life but not having the nerve to end it all, and maybe hoping you can cause so much misery to others it somehow makes up for all of your grief." - Cormac, NJ


ISRA Alert - Cook County Gun Ban

ISRA Action Alert:

Rabid gun-grabbers on the Cook County Board came one step closer last week to instituting a total ban on firearm ownership in the county – except for police and military personnel.

Introduced by Commissioner William Beavers, the so-called "Safe Streets/Weapons Registration Ordinance" appears on the surface to be some sort of gun registration scheme. However, closer examination reveals that the only people who could comply with the registration requirements would be Chicago residents who had previously registered their guns with the city. Everyone else in Cook County would have to turn in their guns to the police. The ordinance would certainly ban all handguns as the ordinance disallows registration of handguns that do not have a "chamber load" indicator. Few, if any, handguns could comply with this requirement, so they would have to be surrendered to the police.

The full text of Beavers' proposed ordinance may be found here. To learn more about William Beavers, click this link: .

William Beavers is an enemy to our Constitution and an enemy to all freedom-loving people of the United States. Call him at (312) 603-2065 and also call his other office at (773) 731-1515 and tell them exactly what you think of Beavers and his plan to disarm law-abiding citizens.

Another gun-hater on the Cook County Board is Larry Suffredin. Suffredin has fielded a proposed ordinance that would shut down all gun shops in the county. You may read about that ordinance by clicking here.

Larry Suffredin is an enemy to our Constitution and an enemy to all freedom-loving people of the United States. For full information on Larry Suffredin, click this link: . Call Suffredin at 847-864-1209 and 312-603-6383 and tell them exactly what you think of Larry Suffredin's plan to punish law-abiding gun owners.

Even if you don't live in Cook County, or even if you don't live in Illinois for that matter, call anyway. Freedom is at stake here.

In addition to calling these gun-hating stooges, please do the following:

1. Post this alert to any and all Internet bulletin boards of which you are a member.

2. Send this alert to all your gun owning friends and ask them to call Beavers and Suffredin too!

Remember – preservation of our 2nd Amendment rights is a cultural imperative. Gun control is a disease; you are the cure!