Monday, August 03, 2009

Why Don’t Lawmakers Want the Public Option?

From Congressman Sam Graves' Straight Talk with Sam newsletter:

Congress has become very good at telling you what is good for you and your family. Earlier this year, Congress spent your money, because some lawmakers believed that you would not spend it on the “right” things.

When it comes to health care, once again Congress thinks they know what is best for you. That is why it was so telling last week when my colleague Roy Blunt offered an amendment to the health care bill in Committee. It would have required all federal elected officials, including the President, Vice-President, and the Congress, to join the government health care plan.

Not surprisingly, that amendment was defeated in Committee. If the government run health care plan is such a great deal, why not enroll all elected officials? If it is good enough for all Americans, it should be good enough for Members of Congress.

The answer is that these lawmakers know that a government run health care system will decrease the quality of your health care and theirs. It will lead to rationed care and bureaucrats would make decisions about your health care instead of you and your doctor. A government run health care system will also reduce your choice. In fact, it will become your only option.

I do not want a government bureaucrat making decisions for my family or for your family. That is why I oppose this bill. I believe that there are better solutions that are market-driven, increase the access for all Americans and can help bring down costs.

Sam Graves

Good job Sam. I'm right there with you with you, if the government run heath care plan isn't good enough for our government officials, how can it possibly be good enough for the rest of us?