Saturday, August 01, 2009

Props to Sam Graves - H.R. 3435- Cash for Clunkers.

From Sam Graves' weekly "This Week in Washington" e-mail update:

4. H.R. 3435- Cash for Clunkers.
In less than one week, the Cash for Clunkers program exhausted the $1 billion dollars that had originally been budgeted for it. Did Congress review the problem to see if it was working as it was intended? Nope. Instead Washington quickly doubled down and approved another $2 billion dollars in less than 24 hours. It passed overwhelmingly 316-109. I voted against it, but I’m reminded of why many Americans do not want the government in charge of their health care.

Here is one of the very few Congressmen that should be given a pat of the back for "getting it". Clearly he understands that throwing our tax money at a problem rarely, if ever, helps. The 316 id10ts in Washington that voted for this clearly don't get. They must think that You’re just too dumb to spend your own money!

If our government representatives can't get "Cash for Clunkers" right, why would anyone assume that they can "fix" health care?

Thank you Sam for doing the right thing!


Obama proposes ‘Indefinite Preventive Detention’ without trial

Isn't this worse than what he accuses the Bush administration of doing? Watch the video, it's from pMSNBC of all places:

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