Thursday, December 31, 2009

ALERT - Supreme Court Case on Chicago Handgun Ban

From the Illinois State Rifle Association:

Yesterday the City of Chicago filed their brief in response in the US Supreme Court case brought by the Illinois State Rifle Association. The case, McDonald v Chicago, seeks to overturn Chicago's handgun ban and punitive registration process.

This is the most important case in U.S. history concerning the Second Amendment and it is the ISRA's case.  Can state and local governments take away your Second Amendment Rights? Or is the Right to Keep and Bear Arms so fundamental that it is protected by being incorporated against the states through the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution? Without going into a bunch of legal language, Chicago's brief is their attempt make sure that the handgun ban lives on.

These are the next steps in this case:

  1. Our reply to what Chicago just submitted is due January 29.
  2. Oral Arguments in the case have been scheduled for March 2.
  3. The court is expected to deliver a decision near the end of June.

The outcome of this case is expected to affect the status of the Second Amendment across the nation. If we win, it does not mean that the fight is over, it means that next phase of the fight has begun.

The City of Chicago is using tax dollars pay for the defense in this case, in order to keep preventing its residents being able to have effective self-defense at home. Of course, no tax payer monies are being used to defend your Second Amendment rights! The legal effort behind the McDonald case is paid for privately.

The ISRA needs your support and your contributions to keep this case, and the inevitable follow-up cases, moving forward.

Now is the time. If you are an ISRA member, we need your continued support. Please make a donation on-line here, or over the phone at 815-635-3198. If you would like to mail or fax a donation, we have a printable form here.

Now is the time. If you're not an ISRA member, join NOW and ride with us into history. You'll be able to say "I was an ISRA member when WE overthrew the Chicago handgun ban and forever changed the gun control debate!" You can join on-line, or over the phone at 815-635-3198. You can download a printable application form here.

Post this alert to all internet blogs and bulletin boards to which you belong. Also, pass this alert on to your gun owning friends and fellow sporting club members. Ask them to forward this alert to their friend far and wide. Although the suit targets the local ordinance in Chicago, the implications of incorporation of the 2nd Amendment are national in scope.


Monday, December 14, 2009




In an Associated Press wire story released yesterday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Ryan pledged to sign a ban on "Assault Weapons" and promised to veto any "Concealed Carry" legislation that reaches his desk.

In making these pronouncements, Jim Ryan was very clear that he would wholeheartedly support legislation that would result in the ban and confiscation of most of the guns in your safe. You would have two choices – either surrender your banned firearms to the police, or the police will be kicking down your door to take them. Ryan could not have made the point any clearer.

Ryan was equally clear about your right to defend yourself. By pledging to veto concealed carry legislation, Ryan is telling you that he would rather see you unarmed, being beaten and humiliated by a gang of hooligans than to see you with a gun in your hand. Ryan also has a message for your wife, your mother, your daughter, your girlfriend. That message is that he would rather see her laying dead in an alley with her pantyhose knotted around her neck than to see her with a gun in her hand. Ryan could not have made the point any clearer.

Just as he did in the 2002 gubernatorial race, Jim Ryan has proven himself to be cut from the same cloth as Chicago Democrats such as Richie Daley, Barack Obama, and Rod Blagojevich.

Any gun owner who would vote for Jim Ryan has to be out of his or her mind.

Please forward this alert to all your gun owning friends.

Please post this alert to any and all blogs or bulletin boards to which you belong.

Please make a promise to yourself, right now, this moment, that you will not let yourself be pushed around and lied to by guys like Jim Ryan.

Readers can find the AP wire story here.

- - -

The ISRA-PVF is a political action committee affiliated with the Illinois State Rifle Association. Donations to the ISRA-PVF are not tax deductible. A copy of our report may be obtained for a fee from the Illinois State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.
This alert paid for by the ISRA-PVF.

Merry Christmas!!

I will be making  a conscious effort to wish everyone
A Merry Christmas this year ...
My way of saying that I am celebrating
The birth Of Jesus Christ.
So I am asking my friends, family, and acquaintances,
If you agree with me,
To please do the same.
And if you'll pass this on to
Your email buddies, and so on...
Maybe we can prevent one more
American tradition from being lost in the sea of
"Political Correctness".

To one and All...
Jesus is the reason for the season!