Friday, February 22, 2008

Message to Congress: Build the Fence!

I just signed a petition demanding our leaders in Congress to build the
border fence--as it was promised to us. I'm asking you to join me in

Click here:

After passing the Secure Fence Act last year, certain members of
Congress "gutted" the legislation and along with it any hope that a real
fence would be constructed.

A double-layered fence was promised to the American people, and I am
holding leadership accountable and demanding they make good on their

Two bills are currently in Congress that seek to reform and reinstate
the Secure Fence Act. I support these bills, and urge you to do so as
well by clicking here:

Thanks for joining with me.


The Revenge Candidate?

By Monica Crowley:

Here are five semi-counterintuitive reasons why McCain will be giving the Big Speech in Minneapolis on Labor Day:

1. While conservatives were off flirting with every Rudy, Fred, and Huck, the Nice Guy, Mitt, waited patiently, holding a bouquet. By the time we realized the Flash in the Pan Guys weren't the ones to bring home to mom, it was too late for the Nice Guy. And the Bad Boy already had the ticket to the Big Dance.



Earmarks special on PBS tonight (2/22/08)

Here is an update on the "earmarks" issue


From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Alliance


Dear Robert,

I want to thank you for adding your name to our latest petition calling for an end to earmarking in Congress.

My IT staff reports that citizens are signing the petition at a rate of nearly 250 signatures per hour!

Robert, without question this is a critical issue for the American people. That's why I wanted to alert all those who have signed the petition to a program that is airing on PBS tonight (February 22) focusing on "earmarking."

Bill Moyers Journal and the PBS series Expose, profiles Seattle Times reporters as they "follow the money," the flow of billions of dollars siphoned from DC to fund "pet projects."

When: Friday, February 22, 2008
Time: 9 p.m. on PBS (check your local listings)

Click here to check the times in your area:

To watch a special preview, click here:

++Action Item--Alert your friends

Regardless of political affiliation, earmarks affect us all. That's why we are urging members of our team to forward this important update to 25-30 friends and family. Encourage them to watch the Moyers special and sign our petition to end earmarks by clicking here:

Earmarks have become a symbol of the culture of the widespread corruption on Capitol Hill, and as citizens, we must work diligently to bring a close to this era of dishonesty.

Thanks again for taking quick action with us. Help us spread the word by forwarding this message today.


P.S: Grassfire has learned that following the broadcast, Seattle Times reporters will answer questions from viewers at the Moyers Blog at:

+ + Sign Grassfire's petition calling for an end to Earmarks: