Sunday, January 06, 2008

ISRA-PVF Alert for Cook County


The most sweeping gun control laws in the nation will soon be voted on by the Cook County Board. Here is what they will do:
  • CLOSE ALL COOK COUNTY GUN SHOPS - Under the ordinance, no gun shop could operate within 1 mile of a school, church, nursing home, or park, and no two shops could be within 15 miles of each other. BOTTOM LINE: All gun shops in Cook County would be ordered to close just after New Years Day.
  • BAN MOST GUN OWNERSHIP - Under the ordinance, all Cook County residents would have to register their guns with the Cook County Sheriff . Now read this very carefully: You could only register guns that are currently registered. If you live in unincorporated Cook County, or in towns that do not currently require registration, then you could not register any guns under the new law and you’d have to surrender your guns to the Sheriff. BOTTOM LINE: Only residents of Chicago and a handful of suburbs would be allowed to keep any guns. The majority of Cook County residents would be forced to surrender their guns to the Sheriff.
  • IMMEDIATE BAN ON HANDGUNS - Under the ordinance, the only handguns that would be allowed in Cook County would be firearms with a “load indicator.” Therefore, all revolvers would be banned as would most semiautomatic pistols. Also, other language in the ordinance would ban semiautomatic shotguns and rifles.
  • NULLIFY LOCAL GUN ORDINANCES - Under the ordinance, home rule authority over firearms would be eliminated with the County Board being in full control of fi rearm regulations.
    BOTTOM LINE: You cannot hide from this ordinance no matter where you live in Cook County.


Larry Suffredin, Cook County Commissioner, 13th District, is behind these Commissioner foolish ordinances. To put it very bluntly - Suffredin hates people who own guns. He has made gun control his life’s work. He is on the board of the Illinois chapter of Handgun Control and is an antigun lobbyist in Springfield. Suffredin does not believe that anyone should be able to own a gun. Suffredin does not believe that hunting is a valid reason to own a gun - any gun. If you’re a target shooter, Suffredin wants to force you to take up a new hobby. Suffredin does not believe that you have the right to defend your home or family with a gun - he thinks you should call the police and roll the dice to see whether they get there in time. As far as Larry Suffredin is concerned, if you or your family are raped, robbed or murdered, that’s just your tough luck. Larry Suffredin is an enemy of every principle upon which our great nation was founded.


As far as Larry Suffredin is concerned, the only difference between you and a drug-dealing gang-banger is that you haven’t been arrested - yet. Suffredin is running for State’s Attorney for Cook County. His biggest campaign promise is to use “creative” ways to “get guns off the streets.” You can bet that, if elected, he’ll use the power of his office to harass every gun owner he can get his hands on. He’ll send cops to your door, hound you at work, and bring lawsuits against every gun dealer in Illinois. Larry Suffredin will not rest until every gun in America is melted down in the furnace of tyranny.

There are 3 ways you can help save your guns: 1) Call Larry Suffredin at (312 )603-6383 and tell him that you are a law-abiding gun owner and you object to his trampling your constitutional rights. 2) Call your Cook County Commissioner at (312) 603-5500 and tell him or her to vote against all county gun control schemes. 3) Vote AGAINST Larry Suffredin in the State’s Attorney primary February 5, 2008.

Board President Todd H. Stroger Phone: 312-603-6400
Fax: 312-443-4397
District 1 Earlean Collins Phone: 312-603-4566
Fax: 312-603-3696
District 2 Robert Steele Phone: 312-603-3019
Fax: 312-603-4055
Phone: 773-722-0140
Fax: 773-722-0145
District 3 Jerry “Iceman” Butler Phone: 312-603-6391
Fax: 312-603-5671
District 4 William M. Beavers Phone: 312-603-6398
Fax: 312-603-4678
Phone: 773-731-1515
Fax: 773-933-5535
District 5 Deborah Sims Phone: 312-603-6381
Fax: 312-603-2583
District 6 Joan Patricia Murphy Phone: 312-603-4216
Fax: 312-603-3693
Phone: 708-389-2125
Fax: 708-389-2240
District 7 Joseph Mario Moreno Phone: 312-603-5443
Fax: 312-603-3759
Phone: 773-927-7154
Fax: 773-927-7166
District 8 Robert Maldonado Phone: 312-603-6386
Fax: 312-443-9531
Phone: 773-395-0143
Fax: 773-395-0146
District 9 Peter N. Silvestri Phone: 312-603-4393
Fax: 312-443-1154
Phone: 773-774 8554
Fax: 773-774-2901
District 10 Mike Quigley Phone: 312-603-4210
Fax: 312-603-3695
Phone: 773-935-1010
Fax: 773-935-3155
District 11 John P. Daley Phone: 312-603-4400
Fax: 312-603-6688
District 12 Forrest Claypool Phone: 312-603-6380
Fax: 312-603-1265
Phone: 773-832-4642
Fax: 773-832-4663
District 13 Larry Suffredin Phone: 312-603-6383
Fax: 312-603-3622
Phone: 847-864-1209
Fax: 847-864-1445
District 14 Gregg Goslin Phone: 312-603-4932
Fax: 312-603-3686
Fax: 847-729-2279
District 15 Timothy O. Schneider Phone: 312-603-6388
Fax: 312-603-6500
Phone: 847-640-1632
Fax: 847-640-1910
District 16 Anthony J. Peraica Phone: 312-603-6384
Fax: 312-603-4744
Fax: 708-345-5838
District 17 Elizabeth Ann Doody Gorman Phone: 312-603-4215
Fax: 312-603-2014
North Phone: 847-871-1717
Fax: 847-640-2058
South Phone: 708-349-1336
Fax: 708-349-1627
The ISRA-PVF is a Political Action Committee affiliated with the Illinois State Rifle Association. Donations to the ISRA-PVF are not tax deductible. A copy of our report is available for a fee from the Illinois State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.
Post this alert to any and all Internet bulletin boards of which you are a member.

Send this alert to all your gun owning friends and ask them to call too!

It appears that Larry Suffredin wants to make sure that the criminals have unrestricted access to all of the residents of Cook County.  Isn't that Criminal?