Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tough vote choices today?

From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: Tuesday 5FEB08 3:30 a.m. EST

What to do if stopping illegal immigration is really important in the next President?


While I was donating blood to the Red Cross earlier tonight, a 19-year-old at the cookie table spoke with a quiet pride about having just pumped his 5th pint and how doing that and voting were really fulfilling ways to show his patriotism.

I assume most of you will shed no blood today, but I hope you will go the extra patriotic mile to be sure to ...
  • ... cast your vote (if in a primary state)
  • ... phone & email a lot of friends and family to remind THEM to vote -- and to make sure they know where each candidate stands on amnesty for illegal aliens
In Primary elections, turnout is usually the most important factor.

However you decide to vote, I'm sure America will be better off if there is a really tremendous turnout by all of you who understand the immigration issues and know where the candidates stand on them. (Check out the stances here.)


Those voting in the Democratic Primaries face no significant difference between Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton on immigration issues.

But those of you voting in the Republican Primaries are telling me of the following ways you plan to vote:
  • No. 1 -- THE PRINCIPLED OPTION: No matter what your candidate's chances are of winning your own state, you tell me you will vote for your favorite among the anti-amnesty Paul, Huckabee and Romney. You will vote on principle for the candidate who best represents all of your concerns, even if that helps the pro-amnesty McCain win your state.

  • No. 2 -- THE PRACTICAL OPTION TO HELP ONE CANDIDATE DEFEAT McCAIN: Because Romney is ahead of Huckabee and Paul in the national polls, and is far ahead in delegates won and in money available to continue to fight, many of you recommend that all anti-amnesty voters choose Romney -- even if he is in third place in the polls of your state. The idea is to stop splitting delegates among more than one anti-amnesty candidate and enable one to truly challenge McCain at the convention.

  • No. 3 -- THE PRACTICAL OPTION TO DENY THE PRO-AMNESTY McCAIN AS MANY DELEGATES AS POSSIBLE: Those of you advocating this option are interested in shifting enough votes from the third and fourth place candidates in any state to the highest ranking anti-amnesty candidate. Your goal is to help the anti-amnesty candidate who is best poised to take delegates away from McCain in your state.

    If you like the third option, read below for which anti-amnesty candidate is in the lead in the election states today.
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You will know where the legal line is by where all the other people are standing to hand out literature.

Simply click on this (adjust colors and sizes as you wish), print it and hold it up for voters to see as they arrive at the polls. Vote first and then donate 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour of your time to holding the sign to make sure voters are educated about McCain's very clear promise to give amnesty to illegal aliens.

Here's the link to the simple sign.

You may also want to print out McCain immigration grade cards from www.NumbersUSA.com website -- and other accounts of McCain's immigration actions.


It would seem to be a significant victory if McCain can be stopped from getting any more than 700 of the more than 1,000 delegates at stake today. That (combined with the nearly 100 he already has) would leave him at least 400 short of the 1,191 needed to secure the GOP nomination.

A major victory would be to keep him below 600. That would give anti-amnesty forces some time in the remaining Primary states to better educate Republican voters about Sen. McCain's stated commitment to giving amnesty to at least 10 million illegal aliens and to dramatically increasing the importation of foreign workers to compete with American workers.

Keeping McCain's wins under 600 -- or even under 700 -- is going to be tough because polls show McCain with overwhelming leads in winner-take-all states of New York (101 delegates), New Jersey (52) and Connecticut (30).

This next section is highly controversial because every Republican and Democratic candidate has support among a segment of you getting this email. Please understand that I am making no endorsements here.

But what I am doing is showing you what you would do if your top priority today is to keep pro-amnesty McCain from getting delegates.

Paul, Huckabee and Romney have all made explicit promises to oppose legalization (amnesty) of illegal aliens and to use an Attrition Through Enforcement policy that drives illegal aliens back to their home countries.

(Nearly all of the surveys listed below were taken over the weekend.)

If you are willing to switch your vote from your favorite candidate to a candidate best able to defeat McCain today, you might:

  • ALASKA: The Wall Street Journal suggests Paul might be poised to win this state.
  • ARIZONA: Deep resentments among Republicans about their long-time home-state Senator McCain has left him with a bit of vulnerability and perhaps the opportunity for a Super Bowl type upset. The latest Rasmussen polls show McCain at 43%, followed by Romney at 34% (and Huckabee at 9% and Paul at 7%). A truly serious get-out-the-vote drive provides the slightest possibility of the embarrassing upset for McCain.

  • CALIFORNIA: The latest SurveyUSA shows McCain at 39% and Romney at 36%. But Rasmussen's poll of the last two days shows Romney ahead with 40% over McCain's 32% (and 12% for Huckabee and 5% for Paul). A McCain loss in California would give a lot of people hope in the remaining Primary states. Anti-amnesty votes should coalesce around Romney for a big news media victory and lots of delegates.

  • COLORADO: Romney should take this from McCain if the anti-amnesty voters stick with him.

  • GEORGIA: According to the latest Insider Advantage poll, McCain at 32% is in a dead heat with Romney at 31% (followed by Huckabee at 26% and Paul at 3%). Georgia is one of the three most aggressive states in trying to drive illegal aliens away. Unless some of Huckabee's and Paul's supporters switch to Romney, the state may send pro-amnesty McCain delegates to the convention.

  • ILLINOIS: The latest SurveyUSA shows McCain at 38% and Romney at 23% (with Huckabee at 25% and Paul at 7%). This is a real long-shot that will require incredible turnout by anti-amnesty voters.

  • MASSACHUSETTS: Make sure Romney takes the delegates of his home state.

  • MONTANA: The winner takes all 25 delegates.

  • NORTH DAKOTA: Romney should be the frontrunner for the anti-amnesty vote here.

  • UTAH: Romney appears poised to take all these delegates.
  • ALABAMA: Latest SurveyUSA poll shows McCain at 37% and Huckabee at 35% (with Romney at 19% and Paul at 6%). Romney and Paul voters could easily push Huckabee vote total to defeat McCain. Huckabee over the weekend signed the long and detailed immigration pledge of Sen. Sessions, Alabama's wildly popular champion opponent of illegal immigration. Alabamans despise amnesty. How could this state go for McCain? The only way is for the anti-amnesty vote to be divided.

  • ARKANSAS: Huckabee should win in his home state. Make sure McCain doesn't pull an upset.

  • MISSOURI: This is a winner-take-all state. According to the latest SurveyUSA, McCain at 33% will take all of Missouri's 58 delegates unless anti-amnesty forces coalesce behind one candidate. Although Romney is close at 28% (and Paul at 4%), the best chance for defeating McCain appears to be switching votes to Huckabee who at 31% is virtually tied with McCain.

  • OKLAHOMA: Latest SurveyUSA shows McCain at 37% and Huckabee at 32% (with Romney at 23% and Paul at 3%). That is striking distance in a state that is one of the most anti-illegal-immigration in the nation. Why would Oklahomans give their delegates to Amnesty King McCain? Because the anti-amnesty vote is split.

  • TENNESSEE: Latest Insider Advantage poll shows McCain with 32% just barely ahead of Huckabee at 30% (with Romney at 22% and Paul at 6%). This is another strongly anti-amnesty state that should easily help Huckabee take these delegates away from McCain.