Saturday, April 19, 2008

TIME disgraces war heroes for global warming

Here's an update on Al Gore's Carbon Tax from

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Alliance


We knew Time Magazine had already sold out to the radical Al Gore Global Warming hysteria...

But the latest cover goes even further by picturing a fallen tree in the arms of the Iwo Jima Marines and equating the "War on Global Warming" with America's struggle to save the world from fascism.

This is a disgrace to those Marines and every American who has worn the uniform to defend our nation!

Go here to see the outrageous cover:

+ + "Going Green" the new red, white and blue?

Time says the "war" on global warming is a "similarly momentous challenge" to our World Wars, the Great Depression, putting a man on the moon, the intercontinental railroad and beating polio!

Time concludes by saying "going green" is the new red, white and blue -- the height of patriotism.

+ + $1.2 Trillion Al Gore Tax coming before summer!

Al Gore and the radical Climate Alarmists are using unfounded science and the willing spin of the media elites to push a massive, $1.2 Trillion Global Warming Tax. We have less than two months to stop the new tax. But the fact is, as this TIME article shows, the entire political, entertainment and media establishments are lining up to push this oppressive new Carbon Tax down our throats.

Will you please sign the petition by going here?

We already have 23,038 signers. I want to reach 100,000 in the next week and work with our key contacts on Capitol Hill to release this news to the media.

But I need your help.

Please see Time's outrageous cover. Read our backgrounder. Sign the petition. And please alert your friends.

Steve Elliott, President

Please do your part to oppose this tax!