Friday, November 20, 2009

First key vote on Senate ObamaCare Saturday

From the Desk of: Steve Elliott, President, Alliance (modified by me to apply to a broader audience)

The first critical vote on Harry Reid's version of ObamaCare will take place tomorrow (Saturday).

Reid needs 60 votes in support of his "motion to proceed" to the floor debate on his ObamaCare bill. That means 60 Senators must vote with Reid even though they were shut
out of the process and have only been given a few days to look at this over 2,000-page monstrosity.

We have posted several resources on ResistNet, including the full bill text, the "top line facts," and an itemization of more than a half-trillion dollars in new taxes. Go here:

+ + Today's actions

Thanks to so many Grassfire friends who have already taken action, tens of thousands of personal letters are flooding Senate offices by fax and hand-delivery right now.

In fact, we cannot take any more fax orders before the vote on Saturday. So we're asking everyone to do two things:

+ + Action #1 -- Call your two Senators

Go to: to find your Senators' contact information.

Or, call the switchboard and ask for your Senator by name: 202-224-3121.

Be sure to tell your Senators that you live in their state or district.

+ + Action # 2 -- Forward this to your friends

The vote will take place on Saturday, scheduled for 8pm. This is the first key vote on Reid's ObamaCare bill -- the first high hurdle that Reid must cross.

Please alert your friends. Forward this message to them. Encourage them to access the resources at ResistNet and to call their Senators.

Again, in this first key Senate vote, clearly the odds are against us. But we must stand. Thanks for taking action.

Steve Elliott, President

Please take action now!