Friday, April 04, 2008

San Francisco a Sanctuary city?

As reported by Grassfire today:

Dear Robert,

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is launching an $83,000
outreach campaign designed to attract illegal aliens.

Using television, radio, posters and brochures
in five different languages, Newsom says, "We're
going to spend resources, time and energy to do
PSA's, to do campaign outreach into community clinics,
into public schools, into our police stations to
let people know what a sanctuary city is all about...

Newsom says illegal aliens answering his call need not fear
deportation. "We are doing the right thing," he said.

Robert, this arrogant thumbing of the nose by SF City
officials to the established laws of our land and the blatant
disrespect for those citizens who will be required to foot
the bill for these illegals is reprehensible, and demands
a strong reaction!

That's why I'm asking ALL members of our Grassfire team to take
a few minutes to contact Mayor Gavin Newsom and City Supervisor
Tom Ammiano.

++Action Item--Contact SF City Leadership

Mayor Gavin Newsom
phone: 415-554-6141

Tom Ammiano, City Supervisor
phone: 415-554-5144

Please contact both of these city leaders and express your
outrage over their public outreach effort welcoming illegal aliens.

Let them know that their plan is a "ringing dinner bell" that
will attract even more illegals--increasing the burden for
those living in San Francisco legally!

Urge them to do the right thing by enforcing our laws.

My e-mail to the Mayor of San Francisco:

Mayor Gavin Newsom,

I read today that you are undertaking an effort to turn San Francisco into a "Sanctuary City" for illegal aliens.

It's sad to learn that yet another government official is ignoring the rule of law in support of illegal aliens. I have to wonder "what's in it for you"? Given the exceptionally high costs involved, and the strain on law enforcement that this causes, you would have to be getting something in return.

I'm glad to hear that you have gone public with this. That way the law abiding citizens of you city can "get out" before their property values drop so low that they can't afford to leave. I'm sure that they will, given that they will have no interest in funding your illegal activities. The most "well to do" citizens (the ones that pay the highest taxes!) will be the first to go, as they typically have the most liquidity. As time continues, more and more tax payers will leave for other cities that follow the rule of law. Eventually, San Francisco will suffer the same fate as Detroit, MI, and be only a skeleton of what it once was. In the end, only the criminals will remain, of course, that includes the members of government that thought this was the "right thing".

My final question to you: Should this be a country in which every person learns to work, every person learns to save, every person learns to have a better future, and, by the way, is therefore responsible for working, saving, and creating a better future? Or is this a country where you shouldn't have to do all those things because it's too hard, and someone should take care of you? In which case, the question becomes: who's the someone, and why do you think they'll stay here?



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