Saturday, November 01, 2008

Change we need?

Another interesting hidden truth from B. Hussein Obama - "Change We Need". Think about those words for just a minute. Let's decode the words behind the slogan:

  • Change = Your money
  • We = big government
  • Need = takes away from you

So, "Change We Need" is liberal code speak for "Your money big government takes away from you". Clearly this means that B. Hussein Obama is running on the typical liberal premise that the road to prosperity is higher taxes.

Like other liberals before him, B. Hussein Obama is no different in thinking that he can tax the Country into prosperity. Has there ever been any evidence of that actually working? No, none that I can find. Quite the contrary, history has clearly shown that lower taxes lead to greater prosperity for all, including the government!


The party of equal misery

Democrats will commonly use the term "redistribution of wealth". This is liberal code speak for "you have too much and you must be punished". Liberals are always talking about new ways of punishing (taxing) those that have some money (most often "rich" people and "big" business).

The fable of Robin Hood tries to glorify the "redistribution of wealth" concept. In reality, one who steals is a criminal. It really doesn't matter who you steal from.

A place where I have seen "equal misery" in action: Union offices. Here's a place where I would have expected to see the happiest people you could find. I couldn't been more wrong. The truth is that these are some of the most grumpy people around. Why is this so, you ask? By punishing the employer ("big" business) you bring about equal misery for all.

When I discussed this with my wife, she references "The Secret". She says that by thinking that money is in short supply and coveting the money of others your are thinking negatively and bringing on the shortage (misery) yourself.

What does this all mean? More taxes = more misery. Less taxes = less misery. Which would you choose?