Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Critical Care: The Patients' Summit is this Thursday

From Americans for Prosperity:

The battle to stop the takeover of our health care is not over.

On February 25, President Obama will hold a "Health Care Summit" where he and Speaker Nancy Pelosi will attempt to push their "new" health care plan that was written behind closed doors on Congressional leaders and label it as bipartisan.

This “summit” is nothing more than a public relations stunt by the White House to appease those fighting for free market health care policies.

The Left thinks this “summit” will be a game changer for their health care takeover. It’s important we let them know we are still paying attention and we won’t stand for Washington bureaucrats controlling our health care.

Americans for Prosperity is holding its own Critical Care: The Patients' Summit to deliver a simple message:  the American people have rejected this trillion-dollar takeover of health care. So Congress should start over from scratch, or better yet, focus on policies that create jobs and get our economy moving again.

This is an important event and I want let you know you can watch the live video stream at starting at 11:30am EST at http://americansforprosperity.org

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid publicly said he would use the budget reconciliation process, which requires a simple 51 vote majority, to jam through a health care bill within sixty days.

A lot of senators and congressmen are wondering if the mood of the American people has changed.

We've got to show them that the American people simply do not trust the Washington politicians with our health care.

Please join me and call or email your Representative and Senators by clicking here: http://www.capwiz.com/americansforprosperity/callalert/index.tt?alertid=14705356&type=CO