Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Unstoppable Solar Cycles

This is a "must see" video about "climate change". It clearly shows that there are factors at play that are much, much stronger than man in effecting climate change.

The chart showing the relationship between temperature and CO2 is also very interesting. Over the span off 600,000 years, temperature change has always led CO2 change by about 600 years.

I have to wonder what Al Gore thinks of this Video. Obviously, since it flies in the face of his agenda, he would likely pass it off as being false.

The scientists put it best: "Science is about being skeptical. There is a quest to always verify what we know."

What's most important here? Keep politics out out science. I want to see real science applied to this "issue". I'm not at all interested in the false "science" of those groups that are pushing for the "science" to fit their agenda.

Obviously man has an effect on the environment. But, it appears that many appear to think that we are far more powerful than we actually are...