Friday, July 18, 2008

The New Yorker Cover

No this is just too funny not to see:

From Patrick J. Buchanan on Human

For 48 hours, editors Rick Hertzberg and David Remnick fended off attacks, assuring media interrogators the cartoon's purpose was not to satirize the Obamas but to satirize the caricature of Michelle and Barack in the mind of the paranoid right. Remnick insisted to The Huffington Post, "It's not a satire about Obama -- it's a satire about the distortions and misconceptions and prejudices about Obama."
Apparently,Barry Blitt at the New Yorker was trying to poke fun at the "conservatives' image of B. Hussein Obama and his wife". Unfortunately (for him), his attempt at satire has backfired in a big way.


Demand Congress take Immediate Action to Lower Gas Prices!

Here's another petition demanding that Congress take Immediate Action to Lower Gas Prices!



Democrats in Congress REFUSE to hold a vote on drilling for more oil in America.

Nancy Pelosi has promised to send Congress home for a month-long vacation WITHOUT PASSING AN ENERGY BILL to lower gas prices.

The Democrat Majority is putting their extremist ideology ahead of common-sense solutions.

We, the American people who are paying a national average of more than $4 per gallon of gas, demand Democrats in Congress VOTE NOW!

Were up against a battle here. Here's an excerpt from Nancy Pelosi's most recent CNN interview:
The House speaker has faced heavy criticism from House Republican leader John Boehner, who is leading a congressional delegation to ANWR this weekend and has said Pelosi's action does not adequately address the problem.

He's also said Pelosi is leading the moderate faction of her party "off a cliff" by refusing to allow a vote in the House on offshore drilling.

"Just because John Boehner, who is my friend, has my respect, says it doesn't make it so," she responded, reiterating that she will block any vote to allow lifting the ban.
Read the rest here:


Dear Congress: No recess until the drilling ban is lifted

I just signed a petition demanding that Congress lift the federal ban on offshore drilling immediately -- before they take their month-long summer break. Members of Congress are doing nothing while gas prices soar. Let's put their feet to the fire! Join me in signing here:

Here's more on the issue (from

It is outrageous that as gas prices have soared for months, Congress has done nothing. Unlike Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the big government liberals, we don’t want our government to solve our problems -- we just want the government to get out of the way!

And right now, Congress is the last blockade stopping more offshore drilling.

This is absolutely urgent. Again, your Senators and Representative will soon be leaving D.C. for a long, summer recess.

We must band together and demand action...


Sign the petition now:

Also, please continue to support the "Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less." campaign.