Tuesday, May 22, 2007

People's Republic of Chicago - Criminal Empowerment Program - Update

It appears that the Criminal Empowerment Program is at it again. Here is the latest from the ISRA:

Action Alert for Saturday, May 26, 2007:
Mobilize Against Jesse Jackson to Protect Your Gun Rights

It has come to our attention that Jesse Jackson and several other gun control activists plan to disrupt business at Chuck’s Gun Shop, 14310 S. Indiana, Riverdale, IL on Saturday, May 26th.

The owners of Chuck’s have been long-time defenders of the right to keep and bear arms. Unfortunately, they have paid dearly for supporting your rights. Chucks was the primary target of Mayor Daley’s $433 million lawsuit against the 2nd Amendment. Although the Daley suit failed, Chuck’s was forced to bear huge legal costs to defend their business - and to defend the 2nd Amendment. Chuck’s has also been harassed ceaselessly by anti-gun church groups and the gun-hating media - including “60 Minutes.”

It’s time for gun owners to stand up for what is right and put an end to these unabashed attacks on our innate right to self defense, and our constitutional right to keep an bear arms.

As a show of support for Chuck’s, and as sharp stick in the eye of Jesse Jackson and his gun-grabbing cohorts, we are asking all Illinois gun owners to do the following:

1. Plan on gathering at Chuck’s Gun Shop & Range, 14310 South Indiana Avenue, Riverdale, IL, at 1:00 PM on May 26th for a counter protest against Jesse Jackson.

2. While at Chuck’s, express your solidarity with the owners and, if you can, make a purchase. No matter how small, your loyalty to Chuck’s will be greatly appreciated.

3. Prepare to confront anti-gun protesters with the truth. Don’t be shy about defending what you know is rightfully yours.

4. If possible, take photographs of the anti-gun protesters and send copies to webmaster@isra.org.

5. BIKERS - If you are a motorcyclist who supports the 2nd Amendment, please plan to swing by Chuck’s at about 1:00 PM on the 26th. The louder your bike is, the better.

6. TRUCKERS - If you are a trucker who supports the 2nd Amendment, please plan to swing by Chucks at about 1:00 PM on the 26th. The more noise you can make on Chuck’s block, the better.

7. LONG HAUL TRUCKERS - If you are a driver who has traveled this great country, and loves every square inch of it, please try to take a short detour on Saturday and swing by Chuck’s to express your support for one of our most basic rights. If you can, get on the CB, tell your buddies about this important event and have them stop by Chuck’s. Let’s show Jesse Jackson what real Americans think about his gun grabbing.

8. Please post this alert to every Internet blog and bulletin board that you belong to. Encourage all your friends and fellow shooters to join in this counter-protest against the gun grabbers.

Only you can defend your rights from destruction by guys like Jesse Jackson. You are the foot soldiers of freedom in our patriotic struggle to defend what is ours. The gun grabbers must not attack our rights with impunity. They’re looking for a fight - let’s give it to them on May 26th at Chuck’s Gun Shop.

My idea? Stage a counter protest with every 2nd amendment supporter carrying this sign:


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