Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Movie our Lawmakers Don't Want You to See

Here's a movie unlike any other in recent memory. It's called "Border", and it's the one movie the open-bordered leadership in our nation doesn''t want you--or anyone else to see.


Because it tells a true story. It's not Hollywood fiction with a happy ending. "Borders" is a raw firsthand video record of one man's journey to our borders and the unspeakable horrors that he found.

"Get off the sofa and do something about it!"

Those were the words that started the life-changing journey for Southern California resident Chris Burgard. Tired of hearing his complaints about the immigration crisis, Chris's wife challenged him to take action.

He did, and the result of his year-long journey is "Border".

Here you'll discover the true level of lawlessness at our borders-- the rape trees, and the death. You'll experience the frustration being felt by ranchers, farmers and citizens who are desperately trying to hang on to their land being overrun by vicious gangs and drug smugglers.

And most shocking of all, you'll witness drug mules being escorted across the border into the U.S. by Mexican military!

Our leaders don't want you to know how serious this situation has become. They prefer we all remain ignorant to the real truth--the truth that Chris Burgard captured on film--the truth that I guarantee will make your blood boil!

Click here to witness the truth about our borders:


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