Wednesday, April 16, 2008


LCAV attempts to persuade the public...

Organizers of a Naperville gun control rally were treated to a healthy dose of unintended consequences Monday night when firearm owners packed the rally by a better than ten to one ratio. Billed by organizers as an “educational forum,” the rally was actually nothing more than an airing of well-worn lies and dubious public opinion polls aimed at supporting gun control legislation now pending in the state capitol. During a Q&A session, attendees soundly rebuked the organizers for their divisive perpetuation of half-truths about the role of firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens.

Held at the Naperville campus of Northern Illinois University, the gun control rally was sponsored by the Illinois chapter of California-based gun control group, Legal Community Against Violence (LCAV). Moderating the forum was gun control movement veteran Steve Young. Young is the former Illinois chapter organizer of the now-defunct Bell Campaign. Young also served as the Illinois chapter head of the now-defunct Million Mom March. Of the approximately 175 attendees, all but a handful were gun rights supporters.

“It was gratifying to see such a large turnout by law-abiding gun owners,” said ISRA Executive Director, Richard Pearson. “It was probably the first time that many of them have come face to face with the people who want to take their guns away. This was an opportunity for them to hear first hand the deception and outright lies that are the underpinnings of the gun control movement. For nearly an hour, gun owners in the audience sat through presentations that assailed their sensibilities. When it came time for attendees to speak out, gun owners made it clear that they were not buying the gun control song and dance. I actually think the event organizers thought they’d win some converts last night. I’m sure they’re sorely disappointed this morning.”

“The LCAV claims to have not only broad, but active support for their gun control policies,” continued Pearson. “Yet, despite plenty of publicity, they were not able to generate much in the way of support for last night’s forum. Everywhere I looked, I saw IGOLD hats and NRA hats and ISRA sweatshirts. Our people packed the forum just like our people are lighting up the general assembly’s phone lines to express opposition to gun control bills now under consideration.”

“Probably the biggest blow to the LCAV’s credibility came when Young rolled out polling data that supposedly shows that better than 80% of Illinois gun owners support LCAV gun control policies,” said Pearson. “After the snickers died down, I asked gun-owning members of the audience who support LCAV gun control policy to please stand. Not a single person stood.”

“If the state’s gun owners support gun control as strongly as claimed by the LCAV, then why aren’t gun owners marching on Springfield to demand passage of gun control laws?” asked Pearson. “If 75-plus percent of gun owners want so-called ‘assault weapons’ banned, then why are they buying them up like hotcakes? If Illinois gun owners are as ‘anti-gun’ as the LCAV polling data suggests, then why do they even own guns in the first place? It just doesn’t make sense. But, then again, the ‘facts’ presented by the gun control movement rarely make much sense.”

Thanks to all of you who came out to protect freedom in Naperville on Monday night!

Remember, gun control is a disease - YOU are the cure.


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