Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flooding at Hononegah Forest Preserve

Today, quite a storm came through the area. In honor of Carbon Belch Day we decided to take a drive and look around.

Here is pictures of what we found at the local Forest Preserve (Hononegah Forest Preserve):

Looks fine so far...

As we enter the picnic area, things change.

Getting a little damp...


Where did the road go?


It's starting to look more like a swamp...



In another part of the picnic area:

Looking more like a boot launch than a road. Notice the road is just barely visible through the water?


The view further to the left. Notice the outhouses and the picnic tables under water?


Update: 6/13/2008 - My pictures have made the Weather page at Check it out!



Anonymous said...

your phone does a good job it even got the fog. Did you send it off to any newspaper places yet. We are having another round right now. Sunny and raining all in one.

JustBob said...

I also sent some of the pictures to WIFR ( and one to the Weather Channel ( In both cases, the pictures must be "approved" before they will display them on their site.