Thursday, October 17, 2013

The "Law of the Land" fallacy

To all of those that make the 'law of the land claim' in regards to ACA:

  • If it is the law of the land, how do you explain away the Executive branch missing 41 of 82 deadlines that it detailed?
  • How do you justify their use of Executive fiat, in direct violation of the the Law and the Constitution, to decide to wave the Employer Mandate for one year?
  • How do you justify the Office of Personnel Management determining that it could grant a 71% subsidy to Congress and Congressional Staffers, even though the law specifically directs Congress to take part in the Obamacare exchanges and their salaries exceed the limits to qualify them for subsidies? 

 The Supreme Court didn't determine the Constitutionality of ACA. They rewrote it to make it Constitutional, acting in violation of the Constitution by exercising legislative powers that are granted to Congress.

One step further:

  • Slavery was Law.
  • Segregation was Law
  • Prohibition was a Constitutional Amendment
  • Women prohibited from voting was law
  • Japanese Internment was law
  • The Immigration laws Being ignored by President Obama Are laws
  • Defense of Marriage Act was settled Law.

A bad law is a bad law.  Just because it's law doesn't mean that we have to be stuck with it forever!


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