Monday, February 04, 2008

Amnesty vote Tuesday in Illinois (and 21 other states)

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Steve Elliott, President, Alliance

Tomorrow's primary amounts to the equivalent of an amnesty vote. Please forward this message to your friends.


Tomorrow, Illinois citizens will have the opportunity to go to the polls in what amounts to the first-ever National Primary involving 22 states.

This vote will be a major referendum on the issue of Amnesty, which has been one of the top issues discussed during the primary season.

In essence, tomorrow's vote is an Amnesty vote, just as important as last summer's defeat of the Senate Amnesty Bill.

Every G.O.P. debate has featured immigration. Every time citizens have had an opportunity to pose questions of the candidates, immigration and amnesty have been at the top of the list.

But all that really matters to the politicians and the pundits is how we vote!

That is why I am encouraging every team member to take two actions today:

  1. Vote Tuesday! - Since you live in one of the Super Tuesday states, be sure to go to the polls and vote for candidates who share your views on immigration and amnesty. has developed Amnesty Voter Guide resources for you -- including briefings on all the G.O.P. candidates. Go here:
  2. Forward this message to your friends - Please send this message to your entire personal email list and ask your friends in the Super Tuesday states to use our Amnesty Voter Guide resources and then vote for candidates who share their views on immigration and amnesty.

Again, Tuesday's vote amounts to an amnesty vote, just as important as last summer's amnesty showdown over the Senate amnesty bill.

Thank you for taking action.

Steve Elliott, President

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