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Teach a Republican voter Monday


Let's get the word out and hopefully we can vote McCain out of the running on Tuesday!


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Subject: Teach a Republican voter Monday
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 01:23:28 -0500
From: Roy Beck NumbersUSA <>

From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: Sunday 3FEB08 11:30 p.m. EST
Half of Republican voters think McCain will stop illegal immigration -- Give them the truth Monday

Today's polls show John McCain still poised to win a large majority of the delegates on Tuesday ...

... unless the 500,000 of you can reach out to millions of Republican friends, families and acquaintances to correct their incredibly mistaken notion about McCain's immigration positions.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll this weekend asked likely Republican voters which candidate, "regardless of who you may support," do you "trust most to handle immigration issues."

The answer will shock you:

47% McCain
22% Romney
10% Huckabee
5% Paul

This political illiteracy among Republican voters threatens disastrous consequences. Please share this information widely.

Some open-borders apologists, such as syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette, say 47% of Republicans like McCain on immigration because they support McCain's idea that the best way to solve illegal immigration is to make nearly all the illegal aliens into legal residents and U.S. citizens.

That is pure wishful thinking on the part of open-borders advocates. Reputable polls for two years have shown that an overhwelming majority of Republicans (and a majority of Independents and Democrats) has opposed every one of McCain's attempts to legalize illegal aliens with an amnesty.

I believe that at least half of those 47% Republicans who express confidence in McCain's immigration plans simply don't know the truth.

And the truth is exceptionally easy to find out.

For two months, McCain answers every immigration question by saying he will "secure the border" and that "I know how to do it."

But records of his past actions show that he has repeatedly voted against funding the border fence, against funding more Border Patrol, against expanding interior immigration agents. About the only time McCain has backed more security on the border is when it is tied to giving an amnesty.

McCain has held border security hostage for years. He has been willing to work for border security only if Americans pay the "ransom" of giving him an amnesty.

But I am willing to accept that McCain is finally serious about securing the border, except that he really hasn't provided a serious, detailed plan for how he will do it.

Read McCain's statements in recent interviews to see how terribly the "straight-talker" zig zags to confuse voters about his ultimate plan to grant a gigantic amnesty.

McCain laid out his Immigration Plan in radio ads in South Carolina:
1. "Secure the borders."
2. Deport around 2 million illegal aliens who have committed felonies.
3. Treat the other 10-18 million illegal aliens with "compassion" by letting them keep their U.S. residency and their American jobs and eventually become citizens.

McCain never expresses compassion for the 23 million working-age Americans without any college who do not currently have a job -- or the millions more Americans whose real wages have stagnated or declined in recent years because their occupations were flooded by foreign labor.

Although the nation already has nearly 40 million foreign workers and dependents, McCain has repeatedly said that we need to import even more. During the last two years, he has pushed various bills that would double and triple immigration.

Every Republican you know needs to get a copy of this email (and the one I sent Saturday night).

The 500,000 of you -- even if every one of you votes (and surely you will if your state is holding a primary) -- are not enough to shift the results of Tuesday's elections unless you multiply your influence by educating at least 10 other voters. And ask each of them to educate at least 5 more.

Look at all of McCain's pro-amnesty votes here.

Click here to see all the times McCain has worked against American workers and helped greedy businesses procure foreign labor.

View McCain's whole abysmal history of failing to protect our national security at the borders and our economic security at the workplace.
in this email:
GOOD NEWS FLASHES: Your massive emailing and phone calling, combined with a growing movement of Stop-McCain voices nationwide, is slowing down the McCain bandwagon and showing positive possibilities for Tuesday:
  • Anti-amnesty Romney has moved ahead of pro-amnesty McCain in California (37%-34%), according to a brand new Reuters/C-SPAN/ Zogby poll.

  • While most polls show McCain with a wide lead nationwide, the latest overnight Rasmussen poll shows the race much narrower with McCain at 33%, Romney at 29% and Huckabee at 21%.

  • Romney crushed McCain in the Maine caucuses today, despite both Senators endorsing McCain.

  • McCain (97) now holds only a narrow lead in delegates over Romney (92), with Huckabee (29) and Paul (6) following (based on the CNN count).

  • Former Justice Department official Kris Kobach has joined the Romney campaign, providing more assurance of its commitment to driving illegal aliens back home. Attorney Kobach has been a hero around the country assisting localities (such as Hazelton) in enforcing immigration laws.

  • Mike Huckabee has signed the Immigration Pledge of Sen. Sessions (R-Ala.), our staunchest ally in the Senate.

actions in brief:
Please send this alert to every email address you have.

And look for the alert I sent you Saturday night so you can forward that, too.

We need to reach 50 million voters by Tuesday morning.
donate now:
This faxing system is 100% financed by the voluntary generosity of the 240,000-plus Americans who use it.

Please click here to make any sized donation to keep this grassroots phenomenon strong and effective.

And join the Action Network of fellow citizens trying to end illegal immigration and reduce overall immigration numbers.

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If millions of misled, misinformed and misguided Republicans hand McCain a giant victory on Tuesday, you can be sure that the generally pro-amnesty media will sing the song of Ruben Navarrette who said this weekend:

" ... depending on how you ask the question and whether you use words such as 'amnesty' or 'earned legalization,' a majority of Americans support the comprehensive approach that McCain proposed. It's starting to look as if the Republican Party's anti-illegal immigration zealots may represent a loud and obnoxious faction of conservative voters, but a small one at that."

I know you won't want to look at headlines on Wednesday morning declaring a victory for Comprehensive Amnesty positions and then wish you had helped all the other Americans who were busy trying to educate Republican voters on Monday.

Click here for the states and dates for Republican Primaries and Caucuses.

Click here for the states and dates for the Democratic Primaries and Caucuses.


P.S. Be sure to look at our ratings of 16 immigration categories for all Presidential candidates.

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