Thursday, October 23, 2008


Mayor Daley’s band of antigunners is on the move in the Western Suburbs.

Dianne McGuire, Democratic candidate for the 96th District House seat, is distributing flyers promising to ban and confiscate your semiautomatic rifles, shotguns and handguns.

McGuire’s campaign personnel are also telling citizens that McGuire will, “Shut the Naperville Sportsmen’s Club down – once and for all.”

All gun owners from across Illinois, and across the nation, must band together to put a stop to Dianne McGuire.

Here is what you need to do to help save your guns.

  1. Whether you live in the 96th District or not, be sure to contact that McGuire campaign headquarters at (630) 579-6696 and tell the person who answers the phone that anti-gun nonsense will not be tolerated. Remind them of what the 2nd Amendment says. Remind them that the Heller decision confirms that law-abiding citizens have an innate right to keep and bear arms. Tell the person who answers the phone that McGuire must end her attacks on law-abiding gun owners and end her plan to close down the Naperville Sportsmen’s Club.
  2. Visit the ISRA-PVF web site at to learn how you can help pro-gun candidates.
  3. Whether you live in the 96th District or not, be sure to visit the web site of McGuire’s pro-gun opponent, Darlene Senger at and do whatever you can to provide support to Darlene.
  4. Pass this alert on to all your pro-gun friends whether they live in the 96th district or not. Also, please post this alert on all internet blogs and message boards to which you belong.

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