Thursday, October 23, 2008


Thanks to all of you who called the campaign offices of Dianne McGuire to demand an explanation of her anti-gun views, including campaign worker promises to close down Naperville Sportsmen’s Club “. . .once and for all.”

Based on the feedback we got from many of you callers, the McGuire staff was generally rude to you and claimed that they, the McGuire staff, are actually NRA members and that the ISRA-PVF is lying about McGuire’s stance on guns.

The real truth is that McGuire has been running on an anti-gun platform. Here is what we know to be the facts:

  1. McGuire campaign literature says she supports a ban on so called “assault weapons.” Well, as most of you know, these bans on “assault weapons” include provisions to ban and confiscate all semiautomatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Such legislation also includes licensing and registration of all guns and gun owners. Any person who supports an “assault” weapon ban is, by definition, “anti-gun.” McGuire is anti-gun.

  2. McGuire’s campaign literature bashes her opponent, Darlene Senger, for supporting laws that would allow law-abiding citizens to carry defensive firearms to protect themselves and their families from violent criminals. McGuire’s apparent opposition to Concealed Carry definitely paints her as anti-gun.

  3. The ISRA-PVF has it on very good authority that McGuire campaign workers have been telling Naperville residents that McGuire will use the Illinois EPA and State Police to shut down the Naperville Sportsmen’s Club. McGuire’s own web site makes note that she is an active member of the Naperville League of Women Voters. Many of you may know that the Naperville League of Women Voters has spearheaded persistent campaigns to shut the sportsmen’s club down. The League has compared trapshooting activities at the sportsmen’s club to gang activities at the Cabrini Green housing project. The connection between McGuire and the League of Women Voters is clear.

  4. McGuire has been endorsed by Sarah Brady and Handgun Control Incorporated ( Only anti-gunners like Dianne McGuire get endorsed by the Bradys.

So, today, we are asking you to once again take action to preserve and protect your right to keep and bear arms. . .

  1. If you have previously called the McGuire campaign office, and have been told that McGuire is not anti-gun and that the ISRA-PVF is lying, then please call the McGuire campaign office once again at (630) 579-6696 and tell the person who answers firmly, yet politely, that you do not appreciate being lied to and that you know the facts and those facts indicate that McGuire is antigun. Suggest to the person that McGuire read the U.S. Supreme Court’s Heller Decision so that she may come to the understanding that the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees the INDIVIDUAL right to keep and bear arms and that individual right shall not be infringed through banning guns or shutting down shooting facilities.

  2. Please distribute this alert to all your firearm owning friends.

  3. Please post this alert to any and all Internet blogs or message boards to which you may belong.

  4. If you know people who live in the 96th House District, encourage them to vote for Darlene Senger – a true friend to the hunter and sportsman.

  5. Visit the ISRA-PVF web site,, to keep up to date with election developments in the state.

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The ISRA-PVF is a political action committee affiliated with the Illinois State Rifle Association. Donations to the ISRA-PVF are not tax deductible. A copy of our report may be obtained for a fee from the Illinois State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.

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