Friday, October 18, 2013

The time has come for a burning season in the grassroots

Let's talk figures: if you ran your household with $21,000 in income, but you spent $38,200, and you had a household debt of $140,000, do you think your creditors would give you a debt limit increase?  If you ran your business with $210,000 in revenues, and expenditures of $382,000, with $1.4 million in debt, your creditors wouldn't give you the time of day, especially if you didn't have a plan in place to deal with your spending.

That's our parliament of crony prostitutes in a nutshell. Two years ago, when the debt dealing started, they were running up $3.82 trillion in spending against $2.1 trillion in revenues against $14 trillion in debt. That debt is now $17 trillion, and the boldest recommendation they can make is a 1% reduction in spending.
If you ran your business in a way that resulted in a complete shutdown due to your inability to talk to your partners, and you laid off your employees while the issues were being ironed out, would you give your employees a raise upon their return?  That's what our parliament of crony puppets did, in addition to the $174,000 they gave to Sen. Frank Lautenberg's $56 million widow, and the $2.9 billion they gave to Mitch McConnell and Dick Durbin for their dam.

We've been giving these crony prostitutes our votes and our money for decades, and they've only piled up more debt and more government.  They've given us an NSA that treats us like members of al Qaeda, an IRS that targets our political groups to sideline us in elections, and an economy where success depends on political favors rather than merit.  And to top it all off, these crony puppets betrayed us by blaming us for a shutdown they authored. They called us crazy extremists.

They want to rip out our heart and soul, and replace it with cynicism. They want us to give up, to be discouraged by this.  Well, we're not discouraged, we're enraged. It's time to channel that rage into 2014.  The crusade to take America back begins today, and we know we have just 18 allies in the Senate. It's time to send in reinforcements and take out the crony lapdogs.


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